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Photo: Phil Nixon

Welcome to the official QUO CONNECTION website!         

“Close to the real thing. A must see!”

John Coghlan (Original Status Quo drummer)

"The band that really know their Quo, and continue to wave the mighty Q flag!”

Bob Young (The fifth Status Quo member)

“Quo Connection are the best there is!”

Alan G Parker (Director of ‘Hello Quo’)

“The best Quo tribute out there!”

Jackie Lynton (John Coghlan’s Diesel)

Close your eyes and you'll think, you're listening to the real Quo!

Don Powell (Slade & The Don Powell Band)

In answer to overwhelming support, former members of John Coghlan's Quo, Mick Hughes, Rick Chase, Pete Mace and Russ Chadd have reformed under the name of Quo Connection. JCQ had been in existence for twenty-five years in various forms, and their final gig with John Coghlan on the 24th September 2022 was quite aptly played at Butlin's in Minehead where the Status Quo story first began. Playing many of Quo's hits plus some incredible album tracks, Quo Connection are eager to bring their high-octane show to a town near you! 

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